Imitated By MANY
Surpassed By NONE.

Bring all kinds of awesomeness to Reality.

iReal Blu-ray Player exerts efforts to be perfect. Support Blu-ray, DVD, and any HD video formats. Compatible with Mac OS X and Windows OS. Add cutting-edge technologies like DTS 5.1. Deliver the ultimate home theater experience. With navigation menu and online broadcast functions. Incredibly powerful but remarkably simple, that's iReal for real.

BD/DVD Playback

Load directly from discs and folders. Play Blu-ray Disc or DVD in different regions. And also those in their ISO format. Easily.

Mac OS X & Devices

Fully compatible with all Mac OS X, newest 10.9 Mavericks back to 10.5. Runs on all models of Mac devices. Seamlessly.

All-In-One Ultimate

Support all popular video formats and able to upscale to HD quality. And also mainstream audio formats. Effortlessly.

DTS-HD® Tech

Provide superior HD audio content. Support DTS decoding. Deliver immersive DTS surround up to 5.1 channels. Authentically.

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