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Thank you for your interest in the iReal affiliate program!

Become a part of the emerging iReal team. Help us grow one of the Internet’s best brands and get paid to do it. All you need to get started is a website. No commitment necessary. When your website refers a customer to us and he or she makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

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  • 1. Free to join. No startup or maintenance fees.
  • 2. Register to be a sales agent for a long-term, stable partnership.
  • 3. Enjoy the exclusive high commission rate (% of Total Sales Amount), up to 65% for any sales you generate for us.
  • 4. Assurance of an excellent software backed up by a professional R&D team and continuously improvement.
  • 5. Periodically giveaways or sales that benefit customers on the largest extent.


  • 1. Newsletters (Monthly, or seasonally) of the latest news & information to help boost earnings.
  • 2. Graphic banners, text links, and search links for maximum flexibility
  • 3. Dedicated affiliate team for additional support
  • 4. Periodically incentive programs and else…

How Do I Get Started?

To fill out our online application, click here. We will review your application and take a look at your website (required). We reserve the right to reject applications or expire affiliates for any reason. If your application is approved, we will send you an email with further instructions.


For those of you who are interested in iReal Blu-ray Player, but are not yet part of the iReal affiliate program, please feel free to check out our affiliate program. We have worked hard to develop and maintain partnerships with over 1,000 affiliates and continue to grow. We have top-notch customer service, regular promotions, and a determined mind to pursue perfection. We look forward to working with you as well. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] Thank you.

Buy Now

Version: 3.6.15
Size: 36.7 MB

Buy Now

Version: 3.2.7
Size: 33.9 MB


You can download Blu-ray Media Player and test it before buying.

Requires OS X 10.5+ and Blu-ray Drive

Requires Windows XP or later and Blu-ray Drive

Having Problems

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