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Watch Blu-ray on Mac must have item a Mini Displayport to HDMI Adapter


To provide a better Mac Blu-ray Player playback experience, we recommend our users view more specifications when use Blu-ray Audio pass-through with Mini displayport Adapters.

FAQs on Mini Displayport

Q1: Will this adapter transmit audio?
A1: Yes, while DisplayPort technology supports audio.

Q2: What is DisplayPort?
A2: DisplayPort is a new digital video and audio connection standard designed by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA). It is a royalty-free technology designed primarily for the computer industry but also compatible for home theater application.

Q3: What's the difference between MiniDisplayPort and DisplayPort?
A3: Mini DisplayPort is a more compact version of the orginial DisplayPort connector that was designed by Apple Computers and is found mostly on their newest MacBook laptops.

Q4: My adapter or cables are connected to my Mac but showed none pictures, even though the Mac recognizes the adapter?
A4: You may need to adjust the display settings on the Mac before you can see any picture on the tv.


All Mac Models support Displayport

The following Mac/Apple computers support audio pass-through via Mini DisplayPort.


How do i know which model Mac i have

If you do not know which model Mac you have, go to About this Mac > More info and then check the Model Identifier field in Hardware Overview.

Find Mac Model identifier number
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Version: 3.6.15
Size: 36.7 MB

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Version: 3.2.7
Size: 33.9 MB


You can download Blu-ray Media Player and test it before buying.

Requires OS X 10.5+ and Blu-ray Drive

Requires Windows XP or later and Blu-ray Drive

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