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What are the advantages compared HDMI 1.4 with HDMI 1.3


We took some pictures when we were using DisplayX of the screen test, compared with some of the testing session, photographed two wire connection screens (left to the HDMI 1.3 right HDMI 1.4). Limited by the display device and shooting restrictions, the text in the picture may not be actually observable.

Contrast test, the HDMI1.4 no performance improvement seems not correct, 256 gray scales, open bor 1.4 HDMI cables can distinguish between 5,4 see clearly, while another HDMI1.3 wire to 7 will not be able to distinguish.

In geometry column, due to the principle of liquid crystal display has decided not to produce geometric distortion, but HDMI 1.4 lines is sharper than the 1.3 version wire, of course, stand far point difference a few barely visible.

256 levels of gray scale contrast

Line Contrast

Color, HDMI 1.4 the transition smooth point, the three primary colors display, open bor HDMI1.4 wire in color than another HDMI 1.3 wire to be more cheerful little thick. This is the key to reproduce the color of the movie screen.

Gray Color Transition Test

Color Performance

Red Performance

Green Performance

Blue Performance

In the next staggered test, the HDMI 1.3 interference between the lines than open Bor HDMI1.4 wire to be a little more evident.

Interlace Interference Test

Software testing, truly playing a few movies, total in all good and bad effects on real applications is reflected from the usual play movies. From a comparative point of view, and in front of monochrome test HDMI 1.4 the site more vivid color transparent, while the details of the performance of part of the scene richer.

"Avatar" HD Fragment Contrast

Animation Clips Test

"X-Men III" Screen Contrast

By comparison, the innovative thought HDMI 1.4 only enhance the function, there is no difference in performance is a misunderstanding to. Merely because of the lack of relevant equipment, failed to HDMI 1.4 other functions to be tested.

The capacity of the Blu-ray high-definition movies increasing 100 G-capacity Blu-ray emergence of "Avatar" set of the 3D boom, the growing popularity of high-definition DV, etc. All give this vital wire put forward higher requirements if you get a high-definition audio-visual equipment, or plan to purchase audio-visual equipment, do not overlook the choice of the cable wire. Delicate wire will make your equipment more icing on the cake.

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