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Usually we have the constant region DVDs with our DVD drive area code settings, but sometimes some of the DVDs belong to another area code. Now no matter you insert DVD into your Apple build in DVD Player or iReal Free DVD Player for Mac cannot play the disc. The disc will be automatically ejected. Here we will tell you how to resolve such issues with DVDs playing on your Mac. Please download and install iReal Mac DVD Player first.

Preparation: Install the best Blu-ray playback software Free DVD Player for Mac.

First, open your System preferences.

Second, Click CDs&DVDs under Hardware.

Third, please choose "Open with iReal Mac Blu-ray Player" as your default DVD player.

Fourth, after few seconds you insert a DVD, iReal Mac Blu-ray Player is running, a Drive Region screen will pop up.

You will see three options:“Cancel”,“Set Drive Region” and “Continue”.

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Version: 3.6.15
Size: 36.7 MB

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Version: 3.2.7
Size: 33.9 MB


You can download Blu-ray Media Player and test it before buying.

Requires OS X 10.5+ and Blu-ray Drive

Requires Windows XP or later and Blu-ray Drive

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