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DVD Player Software on Dell

"The Power to Do More" is the slogan of Dell. Although having ups and downs itself, Dell is still one of the biggest personal computer manufacturers worldwide. Traditionally, most of its desktop and laptops install with a DVD drive, which can be used to enjoy DVD movies. Microsoft Windows Operating Systems are pre-installed in Dell. To get fantastic visual and auditory enjoyment, DVD Player software on Dell is what you need.


Requirement of DVD Player Software on Dell

Microsoft Windows OS is pre-installed on Dell, which means DVD Player Software on Dell should be compatible with versions of Windows OS. iReal DVD Player, in this regard, is very much qualified.This DVD player from iReal manages to achieve full-compatibility with all Windows OS, including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and the latest Windows 8.1, as well as all models of Dell’s Windows-based desktops, laptops, tables, convertibles and more.


How to Play DVD on Dell using DVD Player Software?

When you are sure you've met all the requirements mentioned above, to play DVD on Dell using iReal DVD Player is as simple as 123. Here goes a step-by-step guide for you.

Step1. Free download iReal DVD Player and then install it on your Dell.

Here is the link: Click here to download iReal DVD Player for free.

After installation, you will see an icon of iReal on your interface.

Step2. Eject the drive and insert your DVD Disc.

Press the button on the door next to the DVD logo is the usual way, whatever kind of optical drive you’re using, internal or external.

When insert or place a DVD in the tray, make sure the shiny side faces downward. Generally when you press gently on the surface of the DVD, the hole would click onto the spindle in the center of the drive tray.

Push the tray inside and wait a moment for it to be read automatically. Usually you will hear the sound of rotation.

Step3. Launch iReal DVD Player Software and play DVD.

Double-click iReal Player on your desktop and you will see its interface, clean but easy on the eye.

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Version: 3.6.15
Size: 36.7 MB

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Version: 3.2.7
Size: 33.9 MB


You can download Blu-ray Media Player and test it before buying.

Requires OS X 10.5+ and Blu-ray Drive

Requires Windows XP or later and Blu-ray Drive

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