Amazing Blu-ray/DVD Playback

Remove all protections. Bring stunning cinema-like enjoyment.


Full Presentation of Blu-ray Merits.

Playing Blu-ray on Mac requires some seriously advanced technologies. Built on a rock-solid, time-tested foundation, iReal Mac Blu-ray Player employs high decoding technology to maintain the most striking feature of Blu-ray, which is the unprecedented high-definition quality. Amazingly this Blu-ray Player on Mac also guarantees both visual and auditory enjoyment. And also iReal Mac Blu-ray Player manages to decrypt all the copyright protections and play it without barriers.

Call It A Professional HD DVD Player.

Be similar with Blu-ray in technology, DVD also owns those fantastic qualities such as High-definition. iReal Mac Blu-ray Player, with no doubt, can be called a professional HD DVD player. Isn’t it a bonus feature? You get one for two, one for more even. Efficiently removing all protections and providing extraordinary visual images, this Mac Blu-ray Player software from iReal offers you everything you’d ever needed and wanted.

Home Theatre. iReal Makes It Real.

Have you ever dreamed about having a home theatre all for yourself? I bet you have. And now, iReal Mac Blu-ray Player makes it possible for you to enjoy that unbelievably cinema-like experience. Perfect sound and image will be delivered by this fancy Mac Blu-ray Player software. It means that you no longer need a home theatre setup, which could be awfully expensive. An ultimate media player, which iReal Mac Blu-ray Player could be, costs less than half a hundred dollar and yet should quickly pay for itself.