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Full-compatibility. It just works. In more ways than ever.

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iReal + Mac OS X

OS X. It’s what makes a Mac a Mac. And iReal Mac Blu-ray Player is engineered to take full advantage of the technologies in every version of Mac OS X. This Blu-ray Player on Mac stays up to the newest v10.9 (Mavericks) and way goes back to v10.5 (Leopard). Between is v10.7 (Lion) and v10.6 (Snow Leopard). iReal Blu-ray Player software just exists efficiently along with Mac OS X. The innovation of one leads to the other.

iReal + Mac Devices.

Hardware and software made for each other. iReal Blu-ray Player on Mac delivers the best possible performance. You get iReal Blu-ray Player. You get a fully integrated media player in which everything works together perfectly. All Mac models, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, and iMac, are compatible. Corner by corner and pixel by pixel, the Mac Retina display is both an engineering feat and a design breakthrough. iReal Mac Blu-ray Player makes it worthwhile in every way.

iReal + Windows OS.

Windows 8, more beautiful, flexible and fast operating system, has been released. It is a vast improvement on Windows 7. iReal Blu-ray Player software runs perfectly with both Windows 7 and 8. Thus unimpeded upgrade is allowed by this Blu-ray Player. No matter which system you are installed, iReal Mac Blu-ray Player runs perfectly and delivers the best possible performance. Choosing Blu-ray Player from iReal is choosing a lifestyle, more powerful, more flexible, and more you.

iReal + Desktops. Laptops. Tablets. Convertibles.

A new generation of tablets and computers is spawned. And it’s also a brand new era for iReal Blu-ray Player software. This Blu-ray Player gives you the style and utility of a media player. No matter what format you want to play, iReal Blu-ray Player can fit the job. The seamlessly compatibility of iReal Blu-ray Player software with Windows OS offers you all the possibilities.