DTS-HD®. Technology Runs the World.


What is DTS-HD® Technology?

Beholding the belief that sound matters, DTS provides many flexible solutions designed to maximize the audio experience. If studied individually, DTS owns tons of technologies targeting different purposes. DTS Digital Surround™, for example, is the high-quality audio codec that established DTS as a leader in digital sound. iReal Blu-ray Media Player, wondrously, has this amazing series of technology built in its core.

What Can DTS-HD® DO?

To give you access to the audio content delivered in superior HD sound, iReal Blu-ray Media Player takes full advantage of DTS technologies, which is the most advanced on the market. When DTS decoders are implemented in Blu-ray Media Player from iReal, you can gain the most immersive surround sound experiences up to 5.1 channels from physical discs (DVDs, BDs), popular streaming and VOD content sources. You can expect the most advanced sound quality available from DTS audio streams, up to lossless quality in many cases, for sound that is exactly as original from this Blu-ray Player software.

More… Bonus Features

Functioning with Blu-ray Menu navigation and online broadcast, iReal Blu-ray Media Player brings more awesomeness to reality. Navigated by Blu-ray Menu, this Blu-ray Player software is able to play all the contents in BDMV folder automatically without the trouble of manually search. Just one click. And more, allowing accessing sites via HTTP or HTTPS protocols, iReal Blu-ray Media Software makes it possible to watch videos online. No more annoying downloading, just pure enjoyment instantly.