Elegant and Intuitive Interface. Artistic.


Simplicity Is A Beautiful Thing.

As completely redesigned Blu-ray media player software, everything of iReal is designed to be easy and intuitive, from the very first moment you start up. Making powerful things simple requires some seriously hard work. That’s iReal Blu-ray Media Player’s way of being perfect. User-experience always comes first. Behind this Blu-ray Media Player software is none-stopping innovation, driven by an extraordinary sense of users’ desires and obsessive attention to design and detail.

User-Orientation IS Core Value.

You know exactly what to do and how to do it, from the very first time you start up iReal Blu-ray Media Player. The interface is delicately and so much designed for your convenience. And once again, iReal’s core value of Blu-ray Media Player is user-orientation. No instructions, no long and long articles to confuse instead of help. Everything you want from this Blu-ray Player Software is in exactly where your intuition leads you to. Clean and simple. Delicate and elegant. That’s iReal Blu-ray Media Player. It takes one click to open and another to play, pause and share.