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Blu-ray Menu Navigation

iReal Mac Blu-ray Player has built-in Blu-ray navigation menu, which is designed, out of convenience, to automatically play all contents in BDMV folder without the trouble of manually file search. With this function built in, this Mac Blu-ray Player largely enhances the practicality and user-experience of Blu-ray disc. Down to details, Blu-ray navigation menu contains Video Setup, Audio Setup, Language, Subtitle, Chapters, and more.

Built-in Browser. Play It Online.

iReal Mac Blu-ray Player allows accessing sites via HTTP or HTTPs protocols. HTTP, as in Hypertext Transfer Protocol, is a system for transmitting and receiving info across the Internet. And following the same basic protocols, HTTPS is identical to HTTP in many ways. The HTTP or HTTPS client, built in iReal Mac Blu-ray Player, establishes a connection to a server on a standard port. All and all, it means no more annoying downloading, just pure enjoyment.

And A Whole Lot More...
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