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Special Offer: FREE FOR ONE YEAR

iReal Blu-ray Player, targeting both Windows and Mac, is a program that developed based on VLC media player source code. Great efforts have been made. Featuring all the qualities of media player, iReal Blu-ray Player, either on Mac or Windows, goes far beyond traditional ones and refreshes the idea of Blu-ray player. And here is the special offer, all for you and for you all, a one-year-free license key!

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Amazing Playback

Call it amazing, for integrating Blu-ray, DVD and all types of HD video formats into its functional list. And more, it provides unprecedented HD quality, both visual and auditory.

Full Compatibility

The versatility and power are the armour of iReal Blu-ray Player. It is fully compatible with all Mac OS X and Windows OS, but also runs seamlessly on all Mac models and Windows-based devices.

Professional R&D

A professional R&D team is the soul of iReal and its fans, only by which could the quality of software, technical support and continuously improvement be ensured.


The first law of economics — there is no such thing as a free lunch. iReal may violate that rule, all for you and for you all. What are you waiting for? COME AND GET IT!