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How to choose a right monitor


In addition to the various Apple display connectors, there are some factors should take into account when you want to choose a monitor.


Screen resolution, Aspect ratio

Generally speaking, the bigger the better display resolution. If you often deal with high-definition video, monitor resolution of 1920 x 1080 (1080p) should be necessary. If the resolution is too small (such as 1680 x1050), then you can see video would not be its original resolution. The market most of the monitor resolution of 1080p or higher, this should be the standard.

Mac with Thunderbolt interface supports 2560 x 1600 resolution display, which means that for a 11-inch MacBook Air external 30-inch retina display. The maximum resolution with DVI or MiniDisplayPort interface Mac, the maximum resolution supported may differ from Apple's Web site a list of the different types of Mac support for user queries. Aspect ratio refers to the length to height ratio of the screen. Mac mostly 16 or 16 to 10. If you've used ApplePowerBook surely be it uses 4 to 3 screen impressive.

Tip: The best resolution of the liquid crystal display is at its native resolution, increase or decrease the resolution will allow the display greatly reduced.


Screen Size

Choice of the size of the screen is necessary to refer to your working environment: a slim 30 - inch monitor makes working space becomes stretched, 19 -inch monitor on a large table will look too thin. At the same resolution, the larger diplay size , the larger the area means that the single element point, the screen will be more rough.So the equivalent 1080p display, 22 - inch monitor is clearer than the 24-inch.

Tip: The size of the screen is used to measure the area of the monitor, so we said a 24-inch monitor means the length of the diagonal of the display is 24 inches.



Some monitor promotional materials will say that this is a LED or IPS monitor, these terms will bring some confusion. In fact, they are still the LCD monitor, but technically there are some differences.

Before the advent of the LED backlight technology, the monitor rely on some of the screen behind the lamp (and we usually use fluorescent similar, known as the cold cathode fluorescent light - CCFL). Due to the arrangement of the backlight lamp, resulting in uneven light and dark on the screen, the area between the two lamps might look a little dark. In addition, CCFL from power on to reach maximum brightness takes about 20 minutes, these reasons for people to look for new backlight light source - LED.

The working mechanism of the LED and CCFL type, it can provide a uniform backlight, and do not require preheating, will not cause the screen brightness is not uniform, so widely accepted by the market.

IPS is an extremely new technology, as the iPhone and iPad Now, by the people's attention. Conventional LCD monitor viewing angle is very small, serious picture distortion (front hardly observed, because you are essentially look directly at the monitor) from the side; IPS display problem does not exist, it's great viewing angle, can provide more accurate picture.



Some monitors such as USB hub, speakers and other functions, but these should not be the main factor affecting you buy.Because their own speaker effect is very general, the market is also very cheap USB hub.


Ease of use

Many monitors equipped with a stand or wall rack, can be used to adjust the monitor's attitude in order to achieve the best viewing angle.Produced by manufacturers such as Dell, Eizo Monitor can be rotated 90 degrees to meet some special scenarios.



All of our procurement plan will be subject to budgetary constraints. Buy two Apple Thunderbolt monitors will undoubtedly bring a better experience, but its price is generally unbearable.Other manufacturers can produce a monitor with Apple displays comparable products: Acer, AOC, Dell, LG and Samsung have a range of products you can choose from.

Tip: The most important parts of the monitor is a LCD panel, LCD panel manufacturers around the world are able to produce small, Apple monitors generally use LG custom panel. So you can often see different brands of monitors utilize the same type of LCD panel.

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