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Output Dolby Digital Audio on Mac OS X


In fact, few people know that almost all Apple computers support analog and digital audio output and input. You might ask which side is correct?

digital audio settings

The back of the Mac Pro standard optical access hole what are the others? You are the most commonly used 3.5mm headphone jacks and 3.5mm microphone jack insides...

Before not connected , your System Preferences to see inside like this " built-in speakers " built - in " type ".


I have to buy such a fiber optic transmission line. This line is very convenient both ends such mini jack connector.


You have one end connected to a standard fiber optic jack, you can remove the adapter becomes the orthodox version of the fiber optic connectors.


Direct plug in the headphone jack.


Glows red as evidenced by a laser signal transmission.


Unplug the adapter can be connected to the amplifier with optical input or D / A converter and even the Zeppelin Air speaker!


This time output part will display the "Digital Output" , "Optical Digital port-output".

Finally, what models do not have this fiber output and input? That does not have a microphone input jack-MacBook Air. Others such as MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro have.

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