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AMV is a proprietary video file format, produced for MP4 players, as well as S1 MP3 players with video playback. There are now two different MTV formats: the older one for the Actions chip, and a newer one for ALi’s M5661 chip. This format for ALi one was ALIAVI.


The most important point when creat a AMV file is keep the audio and picture sync when editing the video:

  1. Montage: the different pieces of animation used at a particular point in time, making the most critical. The animation in the time of the occurrence or the conversion of the lens to be consistent with the rhythm of the music synchronization.
  2. Counterparts type: animation lip movements of the characters and the lyrics match, making as if the characters sing this song.
  3. Special effects: using video editing software (such as non-linear editing software), the diversification to edit video. This can even directly modify the activities of the animated characters in music and picture synchronization.


Some network cartoons began to animated music video as funny object. Hookie Dookie Panic! Is one of the most famous, produced by Brian Wilson and Shawn Lieske addition to animated music video, also involved in other aspects of the Comic Con - cosplay, anime tour.

Copyright Issues
In the past year, many animation companies began to require the Youtube website delete animation music video. Of course, these companies do have the copyrights of those animations, animated music video creators and viewers hold opposing views, and to retain the right to creative expression.

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