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DTS. What Do You Know?


What is DTS?

A sound system. That’s what DTS is, first of all.
Holding the belief that sound matters, DTS provides many flexible solutions designed to maximize the audio experience. As a series of multichannel audio technologies, many of which are the most advanced on the market, DTS mainly falls into two branches. One is CODECS, and the other is AUDIO PROCESSING.


DTS-HD Master Audio™
DTS-HD High Resolution Audio™
DTS Digital Surround™
DTS Express™


DTS Sound™ FOR TVs AND Soundbars
DTS TruSurround™ for Soundbars
DTS Studio Sound™ for Connected TVs
DTS Studio Sound™ for Computers and Tablets
DTS Studio Sound™ for Soundbars
DTS TruVolume™ for Set-top Boxes and Soundbars
DTS TruVolume™ for Automotive
DTS Neo:X™
DTS Boost™
DTS Enhance™
DTS Envelo™
DTS Neural Loudness Control
DTS Neural Surround™
DTS Surround Sensation™
DTS Symmetry™

What can DTS benefit?

  • Decoding of the highest Decoding of the highest quality audio streams available from digital delivery, VOD, and broadcast sources.
  • Future-proof decoding technology that enables CE products to process more advanced audio, when available.
  • Adaptive streaming to overcome bandwidth, storage and network constraints.
  • Multi-Asset mixing to support multi-language requirements and secondary audio features, like the Director's commentary and content for the hearing-impaired.
  • Decoding of lossless, Blu-ray® quality HD audio from any source (when lossless content is available).
  • Playback of legacy/current audio streams that accompany a vast library of CDs, DVDs and BDs.

For PC playback, many software players support the decoding of DTS. Such as iReal Blu-ray Player for both Mac and Windows. And here is the compare between iReal Mac Blu-ray Player and Apple QuickTime and between iReal Blu-ray Media Player and Windows Media Player.

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