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Sorenson Codec contains three properietary video codecs:
Sorenson Video (SVQ, Sorenson Video Codec, Sorenson Video Quantizer)
Sorenson Video 3 (SVQ3)
Sorenson Spark (Sorenson H.263, FLV1)
These codec were devised by Sorenson Media Inc. Sorenson Video is used in Apple's QuickTime and Sorenson Spark in Adobe Flash.


Sorenson Video (SVQ/SVQ3)

For a long time the only way to play back Sorenson Video was to use Apple's QuickTime Player, or the MPlayer for Unix/Linux, which in turn piggy-backed DLL-files extracted from Apple's player for Microsoft Windows. According to an anonymous developer of FFmpeg, reverse engineering of the SVQ3 codec (Sorenson Video 3) revealed it as a tweaked version of H.264. (It is considered to be based on an early H.264 draft.) The same developer also added support for this codec to FFmpeg, making native playback possible on all platforms supported by FFmpeg. FFmpeg supports decoding of "Sorenson Vector Quantizer 3" (fourcc SVQ3) and Sorenson Vector Quantizer 1 (fourcc SVQ1) starting with version 0.4.7, released in 2003.


Sorenson Spark (FLV1)

The next version of FFmpeg in 2003 also added encoding/decoding of Sorenson H.263 used in Flash (fourcc FLV1). Encoding of SVQ1 was added in 0.4.9-pre1. The Sorenson Spark is sometimes defined as "almost H.263" or as "an incomplete implementation of H.263". These compression formats differ mostly in header structure and ranges of the coefficients.

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