iReal for beginners: Structure Overview of Mac Blu-ray Player

Among all the Blu-ray player software for Mac, iReal, is the one that deserves your attention. It integrates all the merits of fine Blu-ray player software, namely, simple, powerful, intuitive and easy on the eye. iReal style comes with simplicity and amazement. Now let's get to know iReal.

Mac Style – It fits just like the original player from Mac.

Develop software for Mac is a little tricky for that Apple owns the reputation of innovation-led and user-orientated. The sense of style that Apple made so popular increasingly permeates users nowadays. iReal keeps close to that trend and blends itself into Mac but in the same time remains its peculiarity.

1. Dashboard

After the installation, you will have iReal in your dashboard.

2. Dock

After you launched it, iReal TOOLBAR goes to the menu bar of your Mac, which changes depending on the "active" application at the moment. All the setting details are gathered here. You can set preferences, control the window, locate files, and take snapshots and more.

3. Window Controls

Window Controls locates just as every other Finder Window on the upper left side.

  • Single-click the red button to close the window.
  • Single-click the yellow button to minimize the window, which sends a tiny icon down into the Dock, on the right side.
  • To open that window again, single-click its icon in the Dock.
  • Single-click the green button to make the window bigger or smaller.

4. Maximize Button

The Maximize Button locates in the upper right side of iReal Window. Click to maximize the window to experience full-screen playback enjoyment that iReal offers you.

iReal Interface – Minimalism Design, Clean and Simple.

We know that you buy our product for practical use, not for suffering. Minimalism is what we exert our efforts to achieve. Clean and simple, only for you to do your thing and prepare to meet your requirements anytime needed.

1. Open Button – Open File + Open Disc

There are only two distinctive buttons, one for video file and the other for disc. Whether it's a movie in video file or on a disc that you wanna play, click the button and you are on.

2. iReal Gadget – Home + Twitter + Facebook

Click the first icon to visit iReal's website where all the information about iReal are gathered. And the other two, Twitter and Facebook, are two top SNS network in the world. In the era of social networking, sharing and interacting are necessary and that's why we nail it on the main interface of iReal.